Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Miracle "Light Of Mary"

I believe every individual has experienced a "God Wink". Author SQuire Rushnell coined the phrase "When God Winks" in a series of books that incorporate several different examinations of the phrase and how it works it's magic in our daily lives.

At 1:41 min/sec into the video of our "One For Mary" devotional prayer-walk you will see a great "light" during the time when the conversation shifted to questions about where the orginal statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was located above the entrance door to the Mallinckrodt campus building - formerly the Western Province headquarters of the Sisters of Christian Charity. I refer to this as the "Light of Mary" for the light emmanated from underneath the portico where the statue of Our Lady was located prior to being removed along the way to being restored by individuals from the St. Joseph Parish community. This wonderful statue of Our Lady in all of her new glory can be seen in the Garden Shrine behind St. Joseph School - across the street from Mallinckrodt Park - in last part of our video.

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