Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pictures and Video of the 3rd Annual "One For Mary" Prayer-Walk

I was very busy this spring and missed our deadline for stuffing the fliers inside the bags of 400-500 runners for the St. Joseph Jubilee Jog 5 K. We've had 8-12+ individual attend our 1st and 2nd Annual "One For Mary" prayer walk in 2008 and 2009. This year I had the great honor of sharing the 3rd Annual "One For Mary" prayer-walk with Sr. Henrica and Sr. Campion who are with the Sisters of Christian Charity and live in the convent attached to St. Joseph School.

This convent is a real "jewel-box" treasure!! But, unfortunately, Sr. Henrica and Sr. Campion and their 2-3 other sisters will be having to move out of the convent which is located at 1801 Forest Avenue. There's a dream vision out there which we've shared among some Rosary prayer supporters within the St. Joseph Parish of perhaps using this building for a Rosary Prayer Center that could connect with other parishes throughout the Chicagoland area. It would be place where people could come to pray the Rosary, walk the "One For Mary" mile in devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and take part in discernment meetings that help revive and spread the devotion to the Rosary Prayer here in America and around the world.